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DIY Colorblock Maxi Cardigan Sweater

If this maxi cardigan doesn’t scream Spring, then I don’t know what will! I’ve been hanging on to these secondhand cardigans even though they barely saw the light of day. I loved the colors but wasn’t too fond of the three-quarter sleeves. With that in mind, I felt confident taking...
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DIY Knee High Socks

With fall quickly approaching, it was time to sift through my wardrobe. I thought back to an old pair of cable knit tights sitting at the back of my drawer. They were super warm but I dreaded wearing them because it took wayyy too much effort to get them on....
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DIY Lace-Up Mule Heels

I came across these chic snakeskin mules one day, while browsing google for lace-up flats. I was instantly head-over-heels! Naturally, since I am a fan of wild prints. I thought how they would make quite the fall statement. Then it dawned on me, that I had these pointy toe cut-out...
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