Paper Michey Background

Who Am I?

That's a good question!

Ok, full disclosure. I find this question to be the hardest on interviews, which I’m sure some of you can relate but in this case I can ACTUALLY blurt out my life stories! Finally! I’ll try to be brief. Here goes….

I’m a wife, mama to a handsome 10 year old, aspiring entrepreneur, tea-drinker and in case you haven’t noticed, new kid on the blog-osphere. Like the average woman, I love fashion, food and a good bargain. I am also BIG on DIYs, love a challenge and enjoy tapping into my creativity.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve been encouraged numerous times but never knew how or where to start! I finally built the courage to learn and hence started Paper Michey, not only as my creative outlet, but also as a way to document and share my journey in finding my true self.

Here at Paper Michey, you will find a showcase of my many DIYs, refashions and upcycles just to name a few. Paper Michey, with Michey being my middle name (no, seriously), is pronounced like the namesake “papier-mâché”. It’s also based on a similar concept that ordinary materials when bound together, creates something EXTRAordinary!


A little more about me…


I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, now residing on the Northeast Coast. My love for fashion and all things creative was evident at an early age. You can say it was instilled in me from birth since both my mom and grandmothers are/were home sewers. I vividly remember raiding my mom’s fabric scraps, in an attempt to recreate my dolls’ clothes. From then on, I fed my passion. In high school, I took up art class and studied clothing and textiles, then went on to major in Fashion Design in college.

Years down the line, I migrated to the states and hit a roadblock. Talk about culture shock! Due to the acclimation period, my craft took a back seat but my passion remained. Eventually I got on my feet, met the man of my dreams and got ourselves a place to call home. It’s safe to say, I can finally allow my passion to flourish!

That about sums it up. If you managed to make it this far, congrats! I’m impressed! On that note, my blog will tell you more about me than I can, so I hope you tag along with me. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!