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Easy DIY Bralette Tutorial

[VIDEO] DIY Bralette Tutorial Using Undies

My last tutorial sparked the idea for doing a diy bralette. In the midst of styling the DIY Twist Sweater, I thought how I wish I had one, to pair it with. I was seriously contemplating if I had time to whip one up!

Me being me, I jumped on Google hoping to find a quick and easy design. That’s when I saw a bralette that, no lie, resembled an upside-down underwear!…the rest is DIY history.


You’ll Need:




Marking Tool

Measuring Tape

• Undies (your size; mid to high rise for full coverage)

*The two I used, one was a heavy stretch lace and the other a nylon/spandex blend. If you use one with cotton, make sure it has a good amount of stretch.

• Elastic (preferably knitted or lingerie elastic; or just use what you already have)

*I already had some decorative elastic with a picot edge and 1/4″+ 3/4″ braided elastic.


↓ Make sure to watch in HD, for the best viewing experience ♥ ↓


Here are a few closeups:

DIY Bralette Using Undies: Bandeau



DIY Bralette Using Undies: Cross-Back Keyhole



DIY Bralette Using Undies: High-Neck



DIY Bralette Using Undies: Racerback



To be honest, being a part of the itty-bitty-titty-comittee and all, I generally stay clear of these styles. However, after doing this tutorial, I’ve officially converted! Why? Comfort and -my favorite word in the dictionary- Versatility!

I can now rock my low-cut tops with confidence! These bralettes will be my go-to for laid back days and are just the start of my collection.

I can see myself pairing them with tops that have oversized armholes, are off-the-shoulder, backless, see-through…just to name a few!

Hope you found this tutorial helpful! Leave me a comment and me know what you think!


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