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DIY Scarf Knit Top: Ways to Wear

[VIDEO] DIY Scarf with Sleeves | 5+ Ways to Wear

Another perfect transitional piece! It’s so versatile that there’s no one way to describe it, as it can be worn so many ways. This would explain why it goes by so many different names.

If you’re a major fashionista then I’m sure you’ve seen this piece around. Online it’s listed as a sweater but let’s call it for what it really is, a glorified scarf. I’d like to think of it as an accessory cause it something I’d wear over my outfit.

The fabric I used was a Tubular Rib Knit. I’m unsure of the blend as it was given to me, but I believe it’s a poly/nylon/spandex blend. I had 2 yards of it which lucky for me was the perfect amount. 

Surely you don’t have to get tubular. If you already have the perfect fabric on hand for this, you could just sew it into a tube instead.


How Much Fabric to Use





Seam Ripper

Marking Tool

Measuring Tape

• Matching Thread

• Fabric (mid-weight stretch knit)

• Top (long sleeve; stretch-fit) *optional


Tip 1: Use a small, narrow zigzag stitch throughout. Definitely test your stitch on a piece of the fabric beforehand, so you get the right size stitch for your fabric, to maintain it’s elascticity.

Tip 2: Before lining the sleeve, try it on to make sure you like the fit.

Tip 3: Use a different color thread when sewing the basting stitch for the gathers so its easier to remove them later on.

The big question on everyone’s mind, is how to wear it! There’s no one way. Use your imagination! Here are a few to get you started (more in video).


DIY Scarf Knit Top: Ways to Wear


I can definitely see this being the ultimate transitional piece. It’s suitable for laid back dinnner dates and on-the-go for those unpredictable weather conditions. 

Let me know in the comment what you think and which look is your fav.


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