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Men's Dress Pants Refashion: Double Slit Skirt Tutorial

[VIDEO] DIY Men’s Dress Pants to Double Slit Skirt

Hello hello and welcome to my first post of the year! On that note, I want to start off by wishing you a Happy New Year. I’m already off to a late start but for a good cause.

My hubs was awesome enough to bless me with new equipment over the holidays. In the process of making the switch, I was faced with a bit of a learning curve. As with anything new, it’ll take some getting used to but I’m excited about taking my ‘tech’ skills to the next level.

Moving on to the subject at hand. My bro-in-law unloaded a bunch of his unwanted work attire (a few pinstripe pants & a couple blazers) on me and requested that I work my refashion magic. So here we are.


You’ll Need:




Seam Ripper

Marking Tool

Tape Measure

Zipper (8 inches)

Hook & Eye Closure (no-sew)

• Men’s Dress Pants (straight-leg; roomy)



Tip: If you want more control over how high the slit opens up, secure it where the panels overlap.

Quick FYI, in the photos, I dressed up the skirt with my DIY Knee Highs


Here are a few stills:

Men's Dress Pants Refashion: Front Closeup


Men's Dress Pants Refashion: Back Closeup


Men's Dress Pants Refashion: Front Split


Men's Dress Pants Refashion: Side Slit


What I like about working with pinstripes, other than the fact that they lengthen your frame, is they make sewing straight lines a breeze.

For the center panel, I had to improvise and turn the stripes horizontally since that was all the extra fabric I had to work with. All in all, I’m happy with the outcome. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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