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DIY Braided Tassel: The Easy Way

[VIDEO] How to Make a Braided Tassel | The Easy Way

This DIY came to be, after searching high and lo for a braided tassel for my next refashion project, with no luck. I decided to make my very own and thought I’d share, in case someone else had the same issue. Besides, you’ll need it to follow me along on my next remake 😀


Here’s What You’ll Need:



Solid Color Embroidery Floss

Variegated Embroidery Floss

• Weight (I used a marble sample; I suppose tape would be fine too)


↓  Make sure to watch in HD, for the best viewing experience ♥  

How many flosses needed depends on the amount of colors you’re using and the length of the braid you’re going for.

A basic tassel consists of three parts. For the tutorial, I used a different color for each. If you’re doing all one color, then you really only need two skeins.

Tip #1 : Adding a few inches to the length of your braid accommodates for the braid and knots. They’ll take away a few inches in the process.

Tip #2: I forgot to mention, but before knotting the end after you’re done braiding, you could decorate it by adding beads.

Tip #3: With a little tweaking, you can use these braided tassels as a bracelet, necklace, wall hanging (in varying lengths), curtain tie backs, just to name a few.


DIY Braided Tassel: The Easy Way


Stay tuned to see how I incooperate the tassels in my upcoming refashion!


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