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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Embroidered Top Dupe

I must admit that this tutorial is a bit on the difficulty level but the results are totally worth it! I wanted to incorporate embroidery into one of my refashions, that was on a beginners level and easy to follow. Found this embroidered top from the Gap and was so eager to put my skills to the test, that I forwent the tutorial altogether. For that reason, I had to make another. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t find another pair of tassels so I whipped up my own here.  Here’s What You’ll Need:   Below are the...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Ruched Sleeves Wrap Blouse

Statement tops, not to mention pinstripes, are literally everywhere at the moment. This wrap number is no different! Here I show you how to whip one up, DIY style. I’ve seen slightly different variations of this style, but I personally chose a more fitted look. Feel free to add your own spin and make whichever version you like best! Tip: For a more off-the-shoulder look, try cutting the neck wider. Here’s What You’ll Need: • Pins • Ruler • Scissors • Seam Ripper • Marking Tool • Measuring Tape • Fabric (1/4 to 1/2 yard; depending on how long you want the...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Ruffle Sleeve Smock Dress

There’s no end in sight for Ruffle Mania! I love the fact that ruffles are more wearable than ever before! Adding a hint of drama and sophistication to any outfit. Here I show you how to do just that, with this simple men’s shirt refashion.     Here’s What You’ll Need: • Pins • Ruler • Scissors • Seam Ripper • Marking Tool • Measuring Tape • Men’s Shirt (long sleeve, lightweight with a large yoke)       Thoughts?1

[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Halter Neck Top Dupe

I spotted this designer top by Ulla Johnson, while browsing online recently. When I saw the inverted pleat, I immediately thought back to the men’s dress shirt, as I almost always see a box pleat on the back of them. In case you didn’t know, the reverse side of a box pleat is an inverted pleat. Like that, I was inspired! It didn’t take much to convince me, as I I love a classic halter neck design! It’s one of those styles that’s universally flattering. Another thing I noticed about the designer top was that it was made from a...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Off the Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top

Bell sleeves anyone? Turn that frown….in this case, sleeve…upside down! This DIY off-the-shoulder top is the perfect way to show a little skin. What makes this refashion even more enticing is that it’s a 3 in 1! If you’ve been following along, then you know I’m a sucker for versatile pieces! I mean, who isn’t?     Here’s What You’ll Need: • Ruler • Scissors • Seam Ripper • Pins and a Safety Pin • Needle and Thread (for button) • Marking Tool (I used a pencil) • Braided Elastic (1/2 inch; approx. 1 yard) • Measuring Tape (I keep...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

Ruffles are all the rage this season, adding playfulness to structured pieces such as men’s dress shirt. Here I show you how to get in on the trend with an easy DIY hack. Did I mention I’ve ventured on Youtube? Yup! I decided to launch with a series of men’s shirt refashion and chose a fairly easy one to start with.     Here’s what you’ll need: • Pins • Scissors • Seam Ripper • Measuring Tape • Matching Thread • Ribbon (1/4 inch; same or similar color as the shirt) • Men’s Shirt (well-fitting, long sleeve and lightweight enough...
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