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[VIDEO] DIY Military-Inspired Blazer Refashion |Part 2

To quickly recap, I got a couple old high school blazers from my little sister, who happily tossed em after finishing high school. Haha! I LOVE blazers so there was no denying that I didn’t mind taking them off her hands. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to dress them up. Adding military-style embellishments and making a few minor tweaks was just the thing they needed. I refashioned one in Part 1 so this is the second of the two. The downside to this one was that it was in pretty rough shape so I had to base the redesign...
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[VIDEO] DIY Military-Inspired Blazer Refashion | Part 1

Embellished blazers make a great statement piece. If you’re looking for something eye-catching, this would be the way to go. As a trend, it is never truly goes out of style and should definitely be considered a staple in your wardrobe. With all it’s details and elaborate designs, they can get pretty pricey! Which is why DIYing your own wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Yes it takes a little effort (time and patience), but it’ll be totally swoon worthy! In this video, I demonstrate 3 military-inspired looks. The first is an easy minimalistic look, while the second is a...
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Fall is here when I was just getting warmed up! Feels like it was just yesterday I was talking about sweater weather. Well, at least it’s not yet time for heavy layers. Here I have a sweater refashion with a twist. It makes a perfect transitional piece. As a matter of fact, it’s been on my to-try-list ever since I saw it last year. When I noticed it was back this season, I took that as my queue.   You’ll Need: • Pins • Ruler • Scissors • Hand Needle • Marking Tool • Measuring Tape • Matching Thread • Oversized Sweater...
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[VIDEO] How I Made Two Outfits using Men’s Shirt Leftovers

If you’ve been following along with my “Men’s Shirt Refashion” series, then like me, you may have some leftovers laying around. Sifting through my bag of scraps, I saw sooo much potential! The pants I picked up from a Savers thrift shop. I had the idea for the cuffed legs and was on the hunt for a pair, when instead, I was lucky enough to find two. Considering all the cuffs I acquired, I took that as a sign to do a second version. I know I sound like a broken record! But I’m always trying to find ways to...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Embroidered Top Dupe

I must admit that this tutorial is a bit on the difficulty level but the results are totally worth it! I wanted to incorporate embroidery into one of my refashions, that was on a beginners level and easy to follow. Found this embroidered top from the Gap and was so eager to put my skills to the test, that I forwent the tutorial altogether. For that reason, I had to make another. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t find another pair of tassels so I whipped up my own here.   You’ll Need:   Here are the links...
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[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Ruched Sleeves Wrap Blouse

Statement tops, not to mention pinstripes, are literally everywhere at the moment. This wrap number is no different! Here I show you how to whip one up, DIY style. I’ve seen slightly different variations of this style, but I personally chose a more fitted look. Feel free to add your own spin and make whichever version you like best! Tip: For a more off-the-shoulder look, try cutting the neck wider.   Here’s What You’ll Need: • Pins • Ruler • Scissors • Seam Ripper • Marking Tool • Measuring Tape • Fabric (1/4 to 1/2 yard; depending on how long you want...
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