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Men's Shirt Refashion: Ruched Sleeve Wrap Top

[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Ruched Sleeves Wrap Blouse

Statement tops, not to mention pinstripes, are literally everywhere at the moment. This wrap number is no different! Here I show you how to whip one up, DIY style.

I’ve seen slightly different variations of this style, but I personally chose a more fitted look. Feel free to add your own spin and make whichever version you like best! Tip: For a more off-the-shoulder look, try cutting the neck wider.


Here’s What You’ll Need:




Seam Ripper

• Marking Tool

Measuring Tape

• Fabric (1/4 to 1/2 yard; depending on how long you want the ties)

• Men’s Shirt (long sleeves, lightweight; 2 to 3 sizes bigger)


↓  Make sure to watch in HD, for the best viewing experience ♥  


Forgive me for excluding this from the video! I’ve gotten a few questions asking exactly how I did the sleeves, so I’ve included the steps below:

Men's Shirt Refashion: Ruched Sleeve Wrap Top

  1. To form the first layer, start by tucking the cuff inside the sleeve. It should look like a short sleeve. Afterwards, pin 1 inch from the fold, all around the circumference.
  2. Now, instead of sewing one continuous stitch line, sew 1/2 inch lines every few inches around the entire circumference (as shown in red). *I did this to add a little volume to the finished look but you could sew a continuous line if you prefer.
  3. Next, pull at the tucked-in-part of the sleeve, to form the next layer then pin.
  4. Repeat step 2…and so on. *To finish the other sleeve, measure the sides of each layer on the completed sleeve, to ensure the both sleeves are symmetrical. Hope that helps!


Other Ways I Styled the Top:

Look 2 was done by simply folding the tails under, then using small safety pins to keep them in place. As you can see, I also made the tie in the back instead.

Men's Shirt Refashion: Ruched Sleeve Wrap Top



Men's Shirt Refashion: Ruched Sleeve Wrap Top



As for Look 3, I basically rolled up the hem to create a cropped style and held it in place with, once again, small safety pins. I then wrapped the ties around the hem and voila!

Men's Shirt Refashion: Ruched Sleeve Wrap Top





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