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Metallic Skirt Refashion: Before & After

Before & After: Metallic Culotte Refashion

What perfect way to end the year than to break out the shinies?! Predictable yes, but when I peeped this once metallic skirt online, I knew I had to have it! I got it at a great price too since it was damaged.

I’ve wanted to brave the culotte aka the wanna-be trouser/skirt that everyone loves to hate, ever since it made a comeback. I mean, who can resist the best of both worlds eh? Figured I had enough fullness in the skirt where I could pull it off, so why not.

In my opinion, culottes are really just a “midi” version of the skort. And yes, I have seen some versions quite similar. Oh wait! Like the one used in my tutorial!

Here’s what I did:

Metallic Skirt Refashion: Tutorial

  1. I used a skort as my guide but shorts/pants would’ve work too. I started by turning the skirt inside out and folding it in half. I then placed the skort, also folded in half, on top of the skirt, just below the yoke (section located around the hips). *The reason I did this was to maintain the flow of the skirt and to avoid ride-ups.
  2. Once I did that, I then cut along the crotch all the way down the center and sewed it up as you would a pair of shorts and voila.


Metallic Skirt Refashion: Culotte

Metallic Skirt Refashion: Close-up

Metallic Skirt Refashion: Back

Ok I’ll admit, this isn’t my most flattering piece. The yoke just didn’t do it for me. So much so, that I wound up turning the waistband under for the photos because it kept bunching up. All I’ll say is, stay tuned for a future re-refashion.

Did you notice how much silkier it looks in the after shot though? That’s because it was looking really drab so I took an iron to it. I suspected it was crushed to the point where the creases were casting unsightly shadows against the finish.

Lo an behold, it made a huge difference! It was almost like cleaning tarnished brass. It really brought out the shine!



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