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[VIDEO] How I Made Two Outfits using Men’s Shirt Leftovers

If you’ve been following along with my “Men’s Shirt Refashion” series, then like me, you may have some leftovers laying around. Sifting through my bag of scraps, I saw sooo much potential!

The pants I picked up from a Savers thrift shop. I had the idea for the cuffed legs and was on the hunt for a pair, when instead, I was lucky enough to find two. Considering all the cuffs I acquired, I took that as a sign to do a second version.

I know I sound like a broken record! But I’m always trying to find ways to make my clothes versatile. So it’s no surprised that I found a way to make these two-piece outfits, into detachable jumpsuits.

I LOVE jumpsuits but they’re pretty limited as to what you can do with them. Oh! and let’s not forget the bathroom woes! Eek!


Here’s What I Used:




Seam Ripper

• Marking Tool

Measuring Tape

• Casual Straight-Leg Pants

• Men’s Shirt Remnants (Sleeves, Cuffs and Button Plackets)


↓ Make sure to watch in HD, for the best viewing experience ♥ ↓


Tip: For the pants, I’d suggest trying it on beforehand with the cuffs pinned to the hem. The cuff will tack on a few extra inches to the length. That’s if you don’t mind it being a little baggy.


Men's Shirt Scraps turned Jumpsuit: Front



Men's Shirt Leftovers turned Jumpsuit: Back


Men's Shirt Scraps turned Two-Piece: Front



Men's Shirt Scraps turned Two-Piece: Back


This is a great way to transform pants that are too short for your liking or need a little oomph. As for the tops, you could very well follow this tutorial and quickly whip one up using a yard of fabric.

Thoughts? Which is your fav?


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