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DIY Blazer Vest Refashion: Tutorial

[VIDEO] DIY Military-Inspired Blazer Refashion |Part 2

To quickly recap, I got a couple old high school blazers from my little sister, who happily tossed em after finishing high school. Haha! I LOVE blazers so there was no denying that I didn’t mind taking them off her hands.

Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to dress them up. Adding military-style embellishments and making a few minor tweaks was just the thing they needed.

I refashioned one in Part 1 so this is the second of the two. The downside to this one was that it was in pretty rough shape so I had to base the redesign around it’s flaws. You’ll see what I mean.


Here’s What You’ll Need:




Seam Ripper

Marking Tool

Tape Measure

1/2″ Gimp/Chinese Braid

3/4″ Satin Bronze Button Set (similar)

7/8″ Double-Breasted Gold Button Set (similar)

1 1/8″ High Dome Satin Gold Buttons

* Depending on your preference, I’ve listed 3 different size button sets above



Here are a couple still shots:

DIY Military Style Blazer Vest Refashion: Front


DIY Military Style Blazer Vest Refashion: Front


Would you call this a blazer vest or a sleeveless blazer…or both?  Either way, I hope this tutorial inspires you to look at a garment’s full potential and think of ways you can rework it around it’s flaws.


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