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Men's Shirt Refashion: Halter Neck Top Dupe

[VIDEO] Men’s Shirt Refashion | Halter Neck Top Dupe

I was inspired by this designer top by Ulla Johnson, while browsing online recently. When I saw the inverted pleat, I immediately thought back to the men’s dress shirt, as I almost always see a box pleat on the back of them. In case you didn’t know, the reverse side of a box pleat is an inverted pleat.

It didn’t take much to convince me, as I I love a classic halter neck design! It’s one of those styles that’s universally flattering.

Another thing I noticed about the designer top was that it was made from a mid-weight cotton/linen blend and I so happen to have one of similar weight on hand! The timing couldn’t of been more perfect!


Here’s what you’ll need:




Seam Ripper

• Marking Tool

Measuring Tape

• Men’s Shirt (size or two bigger; my shirt was a size medium. I chose a bigger size to play it safe, since I was removing the button closure and cutting new armholes).


↓  Make sure to watch in HD, for the best viewing experience ♥  


Bow Detail

As for the bow, it’s made from the shirt’s buttonhole placket. Here’s the tutorial:

Men's Shirt Refashion- Halter Neck Bow Tutorial

  1. There were two rows of stitching running down the length of the placket. First, I undid the one closest to the cut edge. It had the same kind of stitch as the shirt so it was super easy to remove.
  2. Next, I closed the end of the placket. To do this, I had to also undo a tiny section of the other side stitch. I then folded the raw edge under and closed it with a straight stitch. I also redid the tiny section of the side stitch at the same time.
  3. Afterwards, I folded the side under twice, pinning it in place. I then finished with a straight stitch following the old stitch line (which was still very visible).
  4. Before making the bow, I steam ironed it to give it a nice, clean finish.
  5. Next, I started by folding the strip to form three loops.  A left, center and right loop.
  6. I then took the left loop and crossed it over the top of the right one.
  7. Once that was done, I folded the right loop over the left one and under, through the center loop.
  8. Lastly, I pulled the left and right loops until it formed the knot in the middle. *I had to adjust it a few times, loosening and tightening the knot until I was happy with it.

There you have it! To make it detachable, all I did was added a safety pin.

Men's Shirt Refashion: Halter Neck Top Dupe

Men's Shirt Refashion: Halter Neck Top Dupe

Men's Shirt Refashion: Halter Neck Top Dupe

Men's Shirt Refashion: Halter Neck Top Dupe




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